Yard Design

Bring the comfort of your own home to your backyard. From lounge areas to outdoor kitchens, Freedom Outdoor Living has ideas to make your outdoor space your dream space.

Maximize Your Outdoor Living space

Your backyard has potential to become everything you’ve imagined for an area of relaxation. From the addition of a composite deck to the installation of a privacy fence, there are several ways to dramatically increase your outside enjoyment as well as your home’s value. Drawing on your inspiration and using a bit of creativity can allow you to take what you love about the interior of your home and incorporate it into building your outdoor oasis.

Outdoor Kitchens

Bring the joy of cooking outside by incorporating an outdoor kitchen. Perfect for those summer nights with friends, an outdoor kitchen can instantly add perceived value to your property. Many of us have a classic outdoor grill, which works great for a cookout, but incorporating the core elements of a functional kitchen can take entertaining to the next level. Not only will it allow you to prep and fully cook meals outdoors, you’ll simultaneously enjoy the beauty of nature and engaging with guests instead of being locked inside the house.

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If you are ready to build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, you may want to meet with a contractor. Designing such an important piece of your backyard oasis should not be rushed. You’ll want to be sure every detail is thought through and created with an eye on how to maximize your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Showers

Anyone that lives near a beach, has a pool or hot tub, can benefit from the installation of an outdoor shower. Providing an incredibly advantageous way to quickly rinse off sand, dirt, or the smell of pool chemicals without ever having to enter your home.

The shower can also act as a changing room for anyone preparing to enter a pool. If you have the available room in your yard, it would be beneficial to design an outdoor shower that is split into two areas. One section for showering and the other section for changing and drying off. Separating the two can make things much easier by ensuring you and your kids completely dry off before returning to your home.

If you don’t have a pool or any type of recreational water area nearby, the outdoor shower is perfect for anyone that loves to work outside in the yard. It’s quick way to rinse off the dirt while cooling down on a hot summer day after you’ve been working in the garden. With a variety of styles, you can find an outdoor shower that best fits your lifestyle and your backyard.

Landscaping Ideas

Maybe you don’t need a functioning fence around the border of your yard. That doesn’t mean there are no uses for a fence panel in your landscape design. When accented with shrubs and flowers, a well placed, decorative white picket fence can add a feeling of classic beauty to your home exterior.

Such a simple and clear way to enhance your yard, flowers can allow for constant color from spring through fall. For this consistency of color, be selective in your flower choices. Be vigilant in reading the growers information to ensure you have planted flowers that can bloom at different stages of the year. And for yearlong greenery, select shrubbery that can provide never ending color. This will allow your yard to appear full of life even in the cold winter months.

Utilizing Privacy Screens

Having a beautiful backyard is the goal, but sometimes our neighbors have different ideas for their own property. When relaxing on your deck, porch, or even lounging in your grass, the ability to block the view of your neighbors is vital for your maximum relaxation. When constructing a tall fence or wall won’t work, utilizing a privacy screen or lattice can give you a place to unwind without the worry of unwanted spectators.

Garden Wall Ideas

There’s nothing better than growing your own vegetables. Walking out to the backyard to care for your plants. Spending time in the sun. Harvesting your homegrown produce. All of the enjoyable moments that come with the convenience of having your very own backyard garden can help create the optimal outdoor living space.

If your only option is to construct a garden against a fence, you can utilize this structure and turn it into a fully functioning garden wall. Adding hanging planters or building boxes onto your fence can enable you to grow vegetables where you previously could not.  And as all growers know, having a fence around your garden is always good idea. Installing a 6’ or taller fence can allow you to watch your vegetables grow without the stress of wondering if a deer will devour your food in the middle of the night.

We’ve all see the standard gardens where plants cover a lot of space and grow among the ground. For some of us, the option to have a large garden is not possible. Therefore, it is a necessity that creative garden ideas can be utilized. Growing vertically is the easiest solution. Incorporating plants that can grow on a string or trellis system will allow you to maximize your outdoor area for garden space.

If you are looking to add a bit of uniqueness to your garden, consider using a Decorative Screen Panel. Available in six different styles and four different colors, these panels can be used as a way to not only add privacy around your garden, but also as a trellis. While most trellis systems use string or some form of a net, the ability to incorporate a design of different shapes into your trellis can instantly give your garden a touch of character.

Pool Privacy

Having a pool in your backyard should be an absolute dream. The sun shining down on a hot sunny day while your family and friends swim or read near the pool. The feel of cool water touching your toes as you sit on the edge. This outdoor setting sounds perfect without exception.

There should be no worry of neighbors looking in your direction while you are casually lounging or sun bathing near your pool. Unfortunately, sometimes homes are often built too close to each other and our neighbors will inevitably at some point stare in our direction. If it’s a quick glance and a “hello” there won’t be a problem, but having a private pool area will always be preferable.

To create pool privacy, you have a few options. The first would be to install a full privacy fence. Most popular styles are constructed of vinyl or mixed material and can range from 4’-8’. This barrier would allow you to relax freely without a moment of worry that you’re neighbors are peering into your area of relaxation.

Even if you do not want to construct a full privacy fence, you’ll still need a fence that meets pool code. This is an absolute must for safety and would protect young children and small pets from unsafely wandering in your pool area. 

Another solution for concealing the view of your pool is to install privacy panels. These decorative screen panels come in a variety of styles and colors to fit with any aesthetic. Freedom’s Allure Frame Kit can easily be install to concrete and wood for a stylish privacy solution. While not designed for full privacy, these panels shield just enough to allow you to relax in peace while still being able to see through when absolutely necessary.

The most natural pool privacy idea is to plant tall shrubbery or Pampas grass. Of course this will require more work but it can create keep with the idea of enjoying nature. Planting the tall shrubs behind the grass would make for a visually pleasing design that will pair nicely with the beauty of your pool on a summer day. Incorporating some of these outdoor living ideas can help you maximize the potential of your backyard and create a dream environment for you and your family.





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