Building a Deck


Designing Your Dream Backyard

Take a moment to visualize your ideal backyard space.  Is there a pool or hot tub? Do you dream of a privacy fence equipped with hanging flower baskets? Or maybe you’re imagining the ultimate gathering place for friends and family, a beautiful deck.

Composite or Wood Decking

Everyone has their own goals for their area of relaxation, but the one thing many can agree on is the desire to spend less time on maintenance and upkeep.

Wood may have been to obvious choice for deck material in the past, but with the advances in technology we should now consider composite as the superior option.  The typical wood deck needs to be power washed, sanded, and stained to keep the original color and feel of your deck.

Being resistant to warping and splitting, splinters and exposed screws can now be a thing of the past. Freedom’s Snap&Stay fastening system allows for the full color to be on display without the interference of protruding nails and screws.

Deck Board Colors

Designing a unique deck that fits your personal style and compliments your yard can be tricky. Luckily, you can easily find a variety of deck board colors that pair nicely with your vision.

To make things even easier, you no longer have to choose from composite decking that appears drastically different from that of the classic wood look. With variegated color options, no two boards are alike. This means that  composite decking can give off the appearance and feel of  real wood but without that stress of constantly maintaining it.

Railing Options

Once you’ve decided on the material and color of your deck, be sure to consider all of your options for railing. This is another area where you can truly bring your own style to the project.

Deck railing can be so much more than just added safety. Sure the railing needs to be strong and reliable, but that does not mean you will need to sacrifice style to do so. Freedom railing options include vinyl, aluminum, and mixed material railing.

Mixed Material – Perfect for adding more privacy to your deck and available in a variety of infill options.

Aluminum – Choose from multiple colors, styles, and sizes. A durable, low-maintenance option,  that displays a smooth finished look.

Vinyl –  Choose your preferred color and then select which baluster type best fits your vision.

Adding Value To Your Home

Not only can building a deck lead to an ideal setting for the creation of memorable moments of peace and tranquility, but it can also add value to your home.

Pool or Hot Tub

Installing a pool or adding a hot tub to your backyard area are both examples of revitalizing your outdoor space to maximize relaxation.  Many of us would consider this to be the ultimate hangout area for parties as well as those desired peaceful moments of tranquility.

Lattice or DSP

Two of the most versatile products available to anyone seeking to improve their yard are lattice and decorative screen panels. Being creative with these panels can allow you to build a yard that is unique linked directly to your personal style.

One of the easiest ways to clean up your yard and add visual appeal to the area underneath your deck is to utilize lattice or a decorative screen panel. Such a simple alternative to the view of this dark dirty area, you can install one of these panels in a matter of mere minutes.  Available in six patterns and four different colors, the panels can actually be painted to match its surroundings.

At any backyard party, one of the easiest ways to create a comfortable environment is to create a private environment. Depending on the location of your deck in relation to your neighbor’s house, you may want to consider using multiple decorative screen panels as a as part of the Allure Frame Kit. Easily combine multiple panels to form a wall that will instantly add privacy to your next deck gathering. 

Rail adapter

A place for your plates or drinks is a must for any casual backyard event. When space is limited, visitors are likely to hold their food and drinks while they stand and chat, but this does not need to be the case. Instead of buying multiple high top tables you could install a rail top adapter.

Utilizing a rail adapter instantly adds more space to your deck and therefor adds more value. Another positive detail is the ability to customize. The rail adapter holds a composite deck board and there allows you to pick from the impressive eight colors in the Freedom collection.

Freedom’s composite decking means you won’t need to sand, power wash or restain to keep that original color. Additionally, these boards are extremely easy to clean if your food and drinks spill. The composite material has excellent moisture resistant and liquid can quickly be dried without worry of it being absorbed.