Backyard Party Ideas

Inviting friends and family to your home for a social gathering can be an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.  You’ll be able to create memories and tell stories while everyone gleefully mingles about your beautiful outdoor living space.  The appetizing smell of food cooking on the grill and the view of your dream backyard surrounds you.

This image is filled with the perfect ingredients for a successful backyard party, but getting to this level of tranquility can require a bit of creativity and inspiration.

Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

When hosting a party, how can we ensure the enjoyment of our friends and family?  Creating an environment that is simultaneously welcoming and fun can be a challenge. Luckily, there are solutions that can help improve your backyard and transform it into a setting that will allow for the optimum backyard party experience.

Maximizing Your Deck’s Potential

Your new deck is stunning. The composite boards catch your eye with their variegated appearance and wood like texture.  And you can relax in your comfy chair without having to worry about re-staining your deck every year to keep that gorgeous color. It’s the outdoor space you’ve always dreamt of.

When its time to host a backyard party, you may need to consider how
you can maximize your deck to its fullest potential. It’s already a great environment for mingling and drinking, but there is one extremely simple way to make you and your guests happier.

Creating more space on your deck is difficult and adding more tables isn’t always feasible. The best solution is to utilize the top railing on your deck as a place for holding beverages. If you are in the process of designing your deck, you can choose a rail option that can make this small solution become a big reality. Freedom’s Versarail and Prescot railing are equipped to fit a Deck Board Adapter. This allows you to choose a composite deck board to fit on the top of the rail and provide ample room for you to casually lean on and also place your drinks.

This is also a great opportunity for customization. With Freedom railing, you can choosing from any of the eight Freedom deck boards to use as the rail topper.  Consisting of four wood tones and four earth tones, each option is resistant to fading and built to resist splitting and warping. Feel free to spill your beverages without having to stress over staining as our composite deck boards are resistant to this type of damage.

Make Your Backyard More Private

One of the keys to a successful backyard party is comfort. This can be achieved by creating an environment that allows for relaxation and freedom from disturbance. A privacy fence can do just that and allow you to enjoy meaningful time with friends and family without worry of your neighbors staring directly into your outdoor living space.

The most popular materials for a privacy fence in a suburban environment are vinyl and mixed material. Ranging in heights from 6’ to 8’, you can choose a size that best fits your property and neighbor situation.  Not only do the full privacy options prevent unwanted views, but also protect against unwanted visitors of the human and animal kind.  This feature cannot be undervalued as it creates total peace of mind for your outdoor living space. This is especially important when hosting a party for younger children. With a Freedom privacy fence, you can fully relax without worry of your kids or small pets leaving the yard. This outdoor entertaining idea allows you focus on hosting the best backyard party with plenty of privacy and less stress.

Pergolas And Building A Relaxing Area

Creativity is integral when designing a backyard space for party hosting. The ability to repurpose a product can be the difference between boring and innovative. Freedom’s Decorative Screen Panels are typically used for concealing the area under decks, for added privacy on porches, and for interior home décor. But when trying to create an outdoor space that will have your friends in awe over its beauty, you may need to think “outside of the box”.

Even if you already have a beautiful deck, creating a relaxing area further away from your house can make for a pleasant, secluded environment when gathering with friends.  Being creative with a pergola roof puts a unique spin on what is typically seen with standard lattice.  This one alteration elevates the originality of your backyard space to an entirely new level.

If you do not have the needed space to build a separate area for hosting a party, you may want to consider building an overhang. Constructing a wooden overhang from the side of your house can create a stunning space for a table and chairs. With the added screen panels, you’ll be able to host backyard parties that will have your guests commenting on your gorgeous yard and your incredible taste and style.


Party Hosting Tips For An Attractive Backyard

If you are inviting your friends, neighbors and family to your home for a cookout or casual party, you’ll want to be confident in the appearance of your exterior setting. For an affordable price, you can incorporate the following ideas and products into your yard to create a stunning display of beauty and class.

Conceal Unpleasant Areas In Your Yard

Your outdoor space may be equipped with a new deck and a new fence, but it’s easy to forget about those small unsightly areas, thus preventing you from completing your total backyard makeover in time for your party.

There are a few different areas that tend to go unnoticed by yourself, but not by your guests. The area beneath your deck is one of these problem areas. Luckily, you have options for how to best properly cover or hide this displeasing view.  Flowers are an easy solution and instantly add color and beauty to your backyard. For any party, this is an obvious positive but may not offer that complete shroud. If you are looking for a more concealing alternative, Pampas grass would provide a full shield that could not be accomplished by regular flowers. And if you’re looking for year round coverage, planting shrubbery is an excellent option.

Another common area that is not satisfying to the eye is your garbage can storage area. While many of us may have room for our trash cans in our garage, there are many homeowners that must use their backyard for storage. When hosting any backyard party, hiding your garbage cans is an absolute priority. Tall shrubbery and Pampas grass could work in this situation and allow you to relax with your friends without the embarrassment of your trash cans being on full display.

If you prefer to hide your unsightly garbage cans, and A/C or utility units in only a matter of minutes and without digging, you can opt for an easier solution. Freedom’s Accent Screens include everything you’ll need for installing and connecting to multiple accent screens. These Grab&Go style screens can easily form an attractive barrier between you and whatever you are trying to cover up. If your utility units and trash cans are already covered, you can still put the screens to use in conjunction with the shrubbery or grass as added décor.

Keep Your Friends And Family Happy And Safe

Safety should always be a priority when inviting guests to your home. The privacy fence is the clear choice for protection and comfort but there are other things to consider before you throw that backyard party.

Creating a fun and relaxing outdoor environment is the goal, yet we must not forget about the nature aspect. Summer nights tend to bring a lot of bugs and mosquitoes. Something as simple as forgetting to buy enough bug spray can completely destroy all of the creative work you have done with your backyard makeover. Providing enough mosquito repellent to place them on tables throughout your yard can drastically improve your evening and have your guests thinking you are the ultimate party host.

Another area that should be looked at to guarantee safety is the railing on your deck.  Depending on the age and material, your railings may not be ready for your upcoming backyard event. Having the stress of worrying if too many guests are leaning on your railing is unneeded. Take the time to check your deck for weaknesses and if needed, remove and install new railing that can offer more support.

Vinyl, aluminum, and mixed material are popular options that can give you the comfort to enjoy the party without the hassle of telling your friends to stay away from the railing. And with Freedom Railing, you’ll never have to sacrifice style to achieve that sense of security.

Adding Color with Flowers

Flowers are extremely important for building a happy environment for your next gathering. Such a simple backyard party idea, the options for flowers are endless. Choose a variety that works best for your outdoor area. Be sure to select flowers that do well in the amount of sun where you’ll be planting them.

If you have a larger yard, do not forget to fully utilize the entire area. If this area isn’t acceptable for planting flowers in the ground there are still opportunities to add beauty. Hanging flower baskets can be placed almost anywhere. If you have a fence that could hold an attachment for hanging baskets, try placing the flowers at an evenly spaced distance all along the interior of your yard. This would create a stunning view of colors that surround your yard and your guests. If you prefer to not hang the baskets from the fence, consider buying planters to place evenly along the border of your backyard.

The ability to coordinate colors in your backyard can be an effective way to create an eye pleasing setting. If you prefer to have flowers planted along the bottom of your deck or along your home, choose colors that pair well with the color of your house and/or deck.  It sounds simple, but it may be the difference between simply having a nice yard and having a yard worthy of praise during your next backyard party.